What is Protomo?

Protomo is a multidisciplinary and social environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. Its basic idea is to provide facilities, community support and expert sparring assistance free of charge to companies and future entrepreneurs. The goal is to help develop new services and products for the market. At Protomo, it is possible to develop product and service prototypes and spin-off business ideas without immediate risk. Collaborate easily with potential customers.

At Protomo, you are not alone with your idea!

Protomo serves developers of entrepreneurial ideas as well as young talent and experienced professionals in various fields.

Protomo is a nationwide service. There are currently operations in Jyväskylä, Lahti and Tampere.

The financiers are ELY Centers, EMI Corporate Loan, local cities and SITRA. In addition, Protomo's cooperation network includes Creddo and as financial experts.

If you are interested in setting up a Protomo business in your area or in any other collaboration with the Protomo network, please contact us.

Cooperation and innovation

Focusing on collaboration and innovation, Protomo utilizes our most important natural resources: our know-how and determination to do something completely new. At Protomo, ideas become real success stories that can change the world and revolutionize your career. We have product and business development teams that create prototype products and services. These, in turn, create new businesses that are full of scalable commercial potential.

The results will be shared and commercialized for the benefit of all parties. Protomo provides all the necessary equipment and facilities as well as community support and expert sparring.

  • Evaluation and sparring of ideas
  • Professional support in concept development, sales, financing new companies and technology, among other things
  • Agile processes
  • Creating value
  • Business model development
  • Customer development

With Protomo, you get results quickly and efficiently without forgetting the most important factor - the customer. Take the future into your own hands and start your new career! Work on your prototype and business idea in a flexible and inspiring environment.